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A random series of events brought this family to me one week after a big move, and just a week before Christmas. I’ll be honest, I was a tad hesitant to take the session at such a crazy time for us.

But, it was a newborn session.

And newborns are only newborns for the littlest bit of time.

Of course I would take on this beautiful, sweet family as clients. And I am so glad I did. Christmas is such a magical time to begin with. Welcome a new baby girl into your family can only make it even sweeter. I am so happy I got the chance to meet the sweetest little 2 year old boy, his new baby sister and their gorgeous, adoring parents.

Merry Christmas!


…and we’re back | peoria IL lifestyle photographer

As you can tell by my poor, severely neglected blog, we have been busy.

To say the least.

If you read back a few posts you’ll see that my husband’s company announced that they were moving us to the Peoria area a few months ago. Since then our lives have been consumed with prepping a house to sell and then selling the house and mildly panicking that we had no place to live come December 5. When we found our new perfect home the rush was on to get everything in order for the move. All of this intertwined with the busiest time of year for photographers and the rush to get client sessions completed in time to get Christmas cards out! I can’t believe we made it through that.

As I sit here right now in our new living room, looking out our new windows at our new view on a gloomy day lit by our beautiful Christmas tree, I can finally take a quick breath. If there was ever a time for an out-of-town move – this would most definitely not be it. But we have no control over things like this, so I will take the quiet minutes when I can and soak in the Christmas season.

There are so many gorgeous, wonderful families that need to be featured on this blog, and they will be! Once next week passes and Christmas is behind us (ick) and the serious cold of winter sets in, I’ll have plenty of time to give my sessions to spotlight they deserve. I will also be announcing some major, major ‘welcome back’ schedules to introduce AMP back to the Peoria area!

Until then, here’s a glimpse at the last two weeks or so of our lives.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays this year.



I’m proofing her brand new baby brother’s newborn session today – so I figured I’d better get these posted. One of the sweetest times is that time right before a family welcomes a baby into their lives. I am so so happy I got to share this time with such wonderful people. Love you guys.

springfield IL family photographerspringfield IL family photographer


Adam + Ashley + Hunter + Austin + Colton | Naperville IL newborn photographer

This sweet boy was born in July. Actually, I think technically June. To say I’m a bit late in posting this would be an understatement. His mama is a college roommate of mine and forever in my heart.

We have been in a whirlwind over here working on the move. Wow, things are moving fast! Check back for some pretty exciting “welcome back” promos once we get settled back in Peoria!