Evan says hi on this dreary, way-too-cold-why-isn’t-it-spring-yet day.

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meet Sean | Naperville IL newborn photographer

Meet baby Sean. He is especially special because his parents feed me Lou’s whenever I see them. If you’ve never had Lou’s or don’t know what I’m talking about, get in the car…drive your tush to Chicago and pick any Lou Malnati’s pizzeria immediately. It wins the pizza war hands down without a doubt. You won’t retreat it. Promise.

Also his parents were my roommates + favorite people in the world through college and I am so  beyond happy to watch their little family grow.

Love you guys, xoxo.


iPhoneography | snap away!

I hear this all the time:

“I wish I could take pictures with my phone like that!”

Guess what? You can!

EVERYONE can take cool pictures with their phone! In this iPhoneography series I hope to give you some tips to take better pictures of everything with your phones.

The first post I wrote on this was about finding awesome light indoors – iPhoneography #1

My second tip for taking awesome pictures is to shoot shoot shoot! You can take pretty close to an unlimited amount of pictures with your phone. This is what a typical hour on my camera roll looks like:)And this is just what fit on the screen….there were probably 30 other pictures of the same thing. I play around with different angles and exposure. Did you know that with your iPhone you can tap on the part of the picture you want to expose for and it’ll do it for you? So tap on different parts of the picture and see how it changes the whole feel! Play around and take a zillion pictures, then delete the ones that don’t work! You’re sure to end up with a gem or two:).

Happy snapping!


iPhone 365 | February 2014

Another month down. I am so proud of myself for being able to fill in all the little squares on this calendar! What a fun, crazy month with these two little hooligans:). Are you doing a 365 project? I’d love to follow you! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me as the month goes!