I’m proofing her brand new baby brother’s newborn session today – so I figured I’d better get these posted. One of the sweetest times is that time right before a family welcomes a baby into their lives. I am so so happy I got to share this time with such wonderful people. Love you guys.

springfield IL family photographerspringfield IL family photographer


Adam + Ashley + Hunter + Austin + Colton | Naperville IL newborn photographer

This sweet boy was born in July. Actually, I think technically June. To say I’m a bit late in posting this would be an understatement. His mama is a college roommate of mine and forever in my heart.

We have been in a whirlwind over here working on the move. Wow, things are moving fast! Check back for some pretty exciting “welcome back” promos once we get settled back in Peoria!


hey guess what?! | Peoria IL newborn photographer

Wow. Bear with me here as the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. As you may or may not know, I grew up in the Chicago area until I went to college in Peoria, IL. The hubs and I met, got married, and stayed in Peoria for several years. Once we had our first baby, we decided we’d move closer to my husband’s family in Springfield IL where we’ve been for the past 4 years.

A few weeks ago Justin was offered a great position back in the Peoria area – and it looks like we’re moving! Again! And apparently when you’re dealing with a corporate move, everything moves fast. So fast.

I am sure there will be many posts in the future dedicated to our newest adventure, but no worries to my more southern-central IL clients/friends! See, we are what you might call a “driving” family. From the time I moved into my college dorm Freshman year, I have been driving all over this state. I would drive 3 hours back home to Chicago while I was in school. I would drive 6+ hours up to my internship in Michigan every other weekend after I graduated. My parents have moved from Chicago to New York to Pennsylvania and we have made countless 15 hour trips (with kids as young as 12 weeks) halfway across the country. And then there was the time we drove to Disney World in one shot.

All of this to say that I obviously don’t mind driving and will gladly be make trips back to the Springfield/Decatur area as often as necessary! I have made lifetime friends in the clients I have gained in our 4 years here and wouldn’t trade that for anything. And I look forward to meeting many more southern-central IL clients in the future!

And to my Peoria friends/clients – I am so excited to bring Anastasia Marie Photography back to her “hometown” where it all started and reconnect with each and every one of you!

And because, as they say, every post is better with a picture – a glimpse at one special little newborn who is a not-so-newborn by now.


boys in the dirt | decatur IL lifestyle photographer

Boys. This session was all about boys.




So much dirt.

I can’t put into words how much I love that their mommy just let them go wild in the dirt. Clothes can be washed. Bodies can be bathed. Hair can be cleaned. But these boys will always remember that their mom let them play and just be boys. Love it.