week 21 | springfield il family photographer

week 21

Monday | climbing – always with a plane in hand

Tuesday | Every day. “Evan, are you ready to go nigh-nigh?” “Uh-huh!!” As he goes running up the stairs to kneel by his crib, suck on those two fingers and bunch up his sheets for comfort. Things I never want to forget.

Wednesday | Another ‘every day’… We wake up, we head to the window, we check out the lake, looking for the family of geese or ducks or turtles who like to entertain us.

Thursday | popsicles

Friday | last day of kindergarten – bittersweet

Saturday | Worn out from our nightly walk

Sunday | playing in the wind



week 20 | peoria il photographer

week 20

Monday – the golden hour. my favorite.

Tuesday – the secret to a peaceful target trip with a toddler.

Wednesday - Oh, you know…just getting some ideas for the deck..

Thursday - Evan is loving digging into all of his birthday presents. His favorite this week? This remote control airplane. He’s so cute playing with it:)

Friday - End of the year field trip to the zoo. These kids could have spent the entire time between the playground and the petting zoo:).

Saturday - I know I post a lot of fishing one-a-days…:but they do a LOT of fishing

Sunday - Pockets….gotta love ‘em



week 19 | central IL lifestyle photographer

week 19

Monday – we are lucky to have babies who like their naps

Tuesday – Hailey is having so much fun with t-ball

Wednesday – digging for worms

Thursday – happy 2nd birthday sweet boy!

Friday – he discovered the hose…I should run…

Saturday – lost. When she has a notebook and a pencil, she is lost in her own little world.

Sunday - We quite literally just went where the day took us yesterday. A very odd string of events led us to hanging out downtown and touring the state capitol. Spending the day with my little family couldn’t have been more perfect ❤️