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I should be doing some serious work right now. The husband is out squeezing in one last day of hunting (because it snowed!! I still don’t get why you need to hunt in the snow, but whatever), and the baby girl is taking a much needed nap, leaving me some much needed quiet time. So instead of being uber productive, what am I doing? Filling up our little boy’s very empty closet with some online shopping. I blame it all on my mother-in-law. This morning she gave us some adorable little outfits for him and now I’m in full on baby mode. So I decided that if I blog about my time-wasted, it won’t really be wasted…it will be productive in TWO ways! 1) filling up his closet and 2) maybe showing you some cute little shops you haven’t heard of before. You’re welcome.

1. Aden + Anais ~ the cutest little swaddles on earth!

2. Moby Knot Hat ~ I just can’t imagine these looking bad on any little baby

3. Zara ~ The most fabulous clothes for little people