size does matter | central IL lifestyle photographer

I’m still here! I know the blog has been ignored quite a bit in the last few weeks and I’m sorry for that. We are in full on waiting-for-baby mode here and it’s hard to think of much else. I have some great sessions to blog, and I will get to them! But in the meantime, I wanted to show you the difference the size of a print (or sometimes just the frame!) makes.

This is an awkward hallway on our first floor. It’s super narrow, super short, and gets terrible light and is impossible to get a good angle on. So I took these with my regular old point-and-shoot camera. Don’t hate.

This first shot is of the frame that has been hanging here since we moved in a year and a half ago. It used to be flanked by two sconce things that were here when we moved in. I always hated them and it took me until last week to realize that I didn’t have to keep them up! I am so not on top of the decorating situation in this house. So…I took them down. And then I was left with this pitifully small frame for the wall. It looks ridiculous doesn’t it? It’s an 11×14 in a non-matted frame.


Here is the same photo printed just a bit larger (sorry for the annoying glare). This one is an 20×24 in a matted frame. See how nicely it fills up the space on the wall?! It doesn’t look so out of place. Muuuuuch better. And we probably even could have just gotten the frame with more of a mat if we wanted to still use the 11×14 print from the above photo. I happened to already have this frame on hand, so I just re-printed the photo. By the way, special thanks to Michele Anderson of PinkleToes Photography for the photo! This is from our photo shoot down in Texas last year. We may have to schedule another vacay down there when this little guy finally shows up ;).