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Sorry for the unexplained absence. But we’ve been a little busy over here. At 1:00 on the morning of my due date we were woken up by that handsome little man above letting us know he was ready to see what this world was all about. 18 hours later we got to meet him! I suppose that’s a little on the long side for a second delivery. However, compared to Hailey’s 30 hour production, this was a piece of cake! I won’t bore everyone here with the details, but I could talk birth stories all day long. So if you’re interested, chat me up!

We’re still getting to know him and life as a family of 4, but here’s what we know so far:

1. His name is Evan

2. He is freakin adorable

3. He loves it when his big sister sings to him

4. He likes to snuggle:)

I’m still on maternity leave for a few more weeks, so things might continue to be a little quiet around here. But I am sneaking in a newborn session next weekend so keep your eyes out for a sneak peek. And maybe some more shots of those two cute kids up there ;).