itty bitty | peoria IL newborn photographer

I came out of hibernation (aka maternity leave) this morning to meet this little man. This is Kenneth. He is adorable. He is tiny. Let’s just take note that my little chunker (who is only one week older than Kenneth) is TWICE as big as he is! I think we’re working on two totally opposite ends of the spectrum here. Kenneth is itty bitty…and Evan is pretty huge. When I picked this little guy up I honestly felt like I was holding nothing more than the blanket he was swaddled in. I didn’t know what to do with him!

Is it normal for a newborn to gain FOUR pounds in a month? When he was almost 9 pounds to begin with? That’s not normal…right?

Anyway…this little guy’s mommy drove herself to the hospital while going into labor way before her scheduled c-section. Yes, I just said she Drove. Herself. To. The. Hospital. WHILE. IN. LABOR…that story will have to wait for the full blog post.