homesick | central IL family photographer


Anyone who’s spent much time with me knows that my heart is and will forever be in Chicago, where I grew up. Actually I grew up in the burbs, but let’s not split hairs. Any time I can sneak back up there, even if it’s just for a day, I will. So when I had the opportunity to get together with a fantastic group of photographers from all over the country (and Canada!) how could I say no?! I have to admit, it was much harder to leave my babies than I thought it would be, but it turned out to be a much needed little get away.

Some of these women I had met at a workshop last year (PinkleToes Photography – AHmazing!) and some of them had taken the same workshop at a different time, so we had never met. But let me tell you…from the moment I walked into the hotel lobby it was as if we had all been friends for a lifetime. What can I say? Camera nerds unite ;). I was so, so honored to be able to share my beautiful home-city with these beautiful women. We laughed until we cried, we walked until our feet hurt, we took pictures of crazy stuff like the photo geeks we are. I introduced them to Lou Malnati’s –  the BEST pizza on the planet…its a fact. We checked out Navy Pier and The Bean and Michigan Avenue. It was absolutely exactly what I needed right now. Motherhood has engulfed me completely, and, while I couldn’t be happier, I needed some ME time! Unfortunately, I had to leave early to be there for Hailey’s dance recital, but I am so happy to have spent the time with them that I did.

As photographers, for some reason, we think it’s fun to take pictures of other people taking pictures. Don’t ask me why.


The wonderful photographers pictured here truly are a talented group: