saturday morning | central IL lifestyle photographer



Where on earth did summer go? Our baby girl started pre-school today and that means summer really is over. Ick. This little family right here has been in full on survival mode trying to get used to being 4 instead of 3. And I think we’ve gotten a little too comfy in that mode. Time to get back to reality. And for me, one of the biggest things that means is picking up my camera. The poor thing was getting dusty sitting in a dark corner. I got inspired one day by flipping through blog posts from one of my very favorite photographers. She has done some amazing lifestyle sessions and, as most of you know, that is where my heart and soul live! In a very desperate attempt to get my husband to take some amazing lifestyle shots of me and my babies (which didn’t work *at all* and those pictures will never see the light of day) I ended up with these gems. It was a regular old Saturday morning. Still in jammies, hair undone, breakfast left on the table. I just wanted to capture that for us. Life is so so crazy and, as we’re learning, it doesn’t get any better. We have very few photos from this summer and I hate that. So here we are….now if only I could have cloned myself so I could jump in the frame, these would be even more perfect.