iPhone 365 | week 36

Monday – lazy Labor Day

Tuesday - We go visit daddy for lunch, we get to play on the ridiculously enormous tractors

Wednesday - It still amazes me how quickly he’s caught on to everything about this thing

Thursday - His sister used to play on these stairs just like this. She’s much too big to do it now. I saw him laying like this and it caught my breath, before we know it he’ll be too big for the stairs. Sigh.

Friday - A steaming hot play date yesterday. I know we’ve been complaining about the cool temps all summer, and now that it’s actually summer weather we’re complaining that it’s too hot

Saturday - We painted aaaalllll day. Some day we’ll actually get this deck finished

Sunday - A much needed girls day with my little girl. 2 birthday parties and a whole lot of fall shopping. Or if my husband asks, just a tiny bit of shopping;)



iPhone 365 | week 35

Monday – playing super heroes (or super heedos if you’re 2:))

Tuesday – zhooooooommm

Wednesday – There’s some serious brainstorming going on here…

Thursday – He’s taking recess duty very seriously

Friday – 3pm. It’s been a rough first week of 1st grade:(

Saturday – I have no idea what they’re doing…

Sunday – Someone had a blast with the tube


iPhone 365 | week 34

Monday - They successfully avoided nap time by being adorable and playing peek-a-boo

Tuesday - A last bit of summer fun before school started

Wednesday - Being a princess

Thursday - First grader.
                     First grader.
First grader?!?!?!

Friday - We’ve been meaning to get here all summer

Saturday - Watching her daddy help build the new playground at her school. She is beyond excited to have been *the* first kid down the slide:)

Sunday - He finally warmed up to the water!