iPhone 365 | week 30

Monday - Who knew they could get so much entertainment out of a giant empty deck!

Tuesday - We had a little creative bath time tonight while prepping the deck for staining;)

Wednesday - I turned my back for one second and he’s figuring this out all by himself. He kept saying, “look mama! Jump! Jump!” Oh boy…

Thursday - He’s mostly always happy

Friday - Go play

Saturday - Look what I made:)

Sunday - Love this summer tradition ❤️



iPhone 365 | week 29

Monday - Washing the cars in the sink. Fun times.

Tuesday - Fearless. Heart attack. Sigh.

Wednesday - We were treated to an unexpected, last minute date day. And I got this guy to check out the Annie Leibovitz gallery downtown. Love him.

Thursday - We are getting our money’s worth out of this dance recital dress!

Friday - Life on the top bunk

Saturday - He couldn’t let this get too girly…had to throw a car in there



iPhone 365 | week 28

Monday - Always drawing

Tuesday - The elusive smiley shot

Wednesday - Picnic with her stuffed animal friends

Thursday - Ever since we started exploring the shore at our favorite lake, they’ve been all about collecting treasure-ful rocks

Friday - Mmmm….cupcakes….

Saturday - Happy birthday justin!!

Sunday - Spent the day with my favorite STL people ❤️



iPhone 365 | week 27

Monday – redneck swimming pool

Tuesday - Evening walk with a tiger and a ball.

Wednesday - Tonight we explored

Thursday – 4th prep

Friday - The boat. The cousins. The 4th.

Saturday - Family reunion

Sunday - Perfect end to a long weekend



iPhone 365 | week 26

Monday - what a long day yesterday was. It was spent celebrating life, love and family. And my little girl is lucky enough to have a piece of her great grandma to carry with her forever.

Tuesday – slide races

Wednesday - We are always so stressed, busy, focused on what’s coming next. I love how much I learn from my kids. On our way home last night all she was worried about was the wind rushing against her face as she stuck her head out the window. The genuine, honest joy and laughter she got from that was so inspiring.

Thursday - I finally let her check out the ice cream truck last night. We’ve always had a strict ‘no ice cream truck’ rule because, come on, they’re maybe one of the creepiest things ever. But we were at a baseball game, there were lots of parents around and it was a woman – so I caved. She couldn’t have been happier.

Friday - Playing nicely & making a mess. I’ll take it.

Saturday - Sword fights with cousins are the best

Sunday – lazy lake day