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So, I don’t know about you, but being a ‘work at home mom’ has been a whirlwind of chaos for me. I have lacked any sort of organized routine since I left the office world way back when.

The way the photography world runs, we go from being there-isn’t-even-time-to-eat busy in the spring/summer/fall to dead-quiet-you-can-hear-a-pin-drop slow in the winter.

This plays out as me being a crazy sleep deprived lunatic half the year and so overwhelmed from the busy times that I just stare at the wall not knowing where to start when things finally slow down. And the result is that everything gets done half way and nothing gets the right attention.

I know it’s a little late for new years resolutions but I’m gonna do it anyway. This year I wanted to organize my time. There has got to be a balance between taking care of my littles, keeping the house clean and everyone fed, focusing on my business and focusing on myself.


Maybe not…but I’m gonna try.

So the other day I googled ‘work at home mom schedule’.


Like, a million links popped up.

So what should have taken me 20 minutes to put together took my Virgo personality all of nap time to look through a zillion links with advice on how to plan out your day when you’re working from home and taking care of little monsters. Fast forward to the next day and I finally got a little schedule planned out with our usual activities.

I built in time at the beginning of the day to actually plan my day. I usually try to wake up an hour or so before the kiddos do – but almost always I make a mad dash to my desk and frantically try to get anything done, with no real plan whatsoever. I have to say, giving myself a specific goal for the day has been great. Once those things are done, I feel like I can take the time to just sit down on the floor and play with Evan, or spend forever reading with Hailey.

Also…and this is where the point of this post actually comes in to play…I built in time to do whatever I wanted. Ha! So…if I feel like browsing around on Pinterest after the kids go to bed, I’m good with that. Or if I feel like finally getting around to actually doing something with our Bobbi + Mike photo session, I can!!

So there I was, trying to figure out what to do with our pictures when I realized it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve done an On The Walls post! Here is some inspiration we’re using around here and hopefully it will inspire you to get some of your photos on the walls!

I love this first one so much I was going to keep it to myself. But I like you so I’ll share. I love this more than words can say. Such a fun, different way to display your photos!


photo credit: houzz.com

Loving the cute mats! You could easily wrap some fabric around pre-existing mats for a little change!


photo credit: jossandmain.com

Big big big. I LOVE big prints! I can’t tell you how much I love them. If I never print an 8×10 again it’ll be too soon!


photo credit: pinterest

Seriously…biiiiiiiig! If we had anywhere in our home right now to put something this huge, it would already be done.


photo credit: http://www.parlourhomeblog.com

And finally, sticking with the big theme…check this out. This and the one above (I believe) are actually photo wall paper. I don’t care if you think it’s nuts…I would LOVE a wall like this in a playroom or a media room or something.


photo credit: www.jgarnerphoto.com

There you have it! Have you done something awesome with your walls? I would LOVE to see!

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Hey clients!

So, let me be honest with you. I love you guys.

Truly, you are what holds my business together. You support me and help me put my dreams and visions into reality.

Without you, there would obviously be no Anastasia Marie Photography and I would just be a crazy mom harassing my kids with her camera day after day;).

Since I love you so much, WHY am I not thanking you for coming back to me year after year? You trust me with your memories time and again and that deserves something, right?!

AND…for those of you who act as my cheerleaders, spreading word to all of your friends? That is unmeasurably awesome. THAT is what grows my business and helps me be successful!

THAT deserves a big something.

So check it out. New for 2014 – returning clients will get a FREE 8×8 album with their session! Albums are my happy place. They are the perfect way to show off the pictures from your session. When they’re sitting out on the coffee table or the bookshelf, they will get looked through. You will pick up the gorgeous book and flip through it and remember this awesome time in your lives. Love.

AND!! If you are a current client and refer someone to me? You BOTH get $200 off your session! So when the person you refer books their session they will get $200 off said session. And YOU get $200 off a future AMP session! What if you refer 2 clients who end up booking sessions?


You get $400 off a future AMP session!!!

Refer 5 clients who book AMP sessions? Um yeah…you’ll have a lot of $$ to spend at AMP.

Just a little fine print – the credits for referring friends won’t kick in until *after* the referred session has taken place. And there is no cash value. The bonus for referring new clients is only available as an AMP credit. Finally, they must be *new* AMP clients.

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iPhone 365 | January 2014

For the past two years I’ve done a 365 project. I cannot imagine going through my day without snapping photos in one way or another.

To be honest with you though, it was completely overwhelming. At the end of the month I’d have 500+ RAW files to weed through. And then what am I going to do with them? They sit on my computer for months (years!) just taking up hard drive space. Not to mention the little eye twitchy thing that happens when I know I’ve got those pictures hanging out at the end of my to do list.

Enter the iPhone.

I take tons of pictures with my little sidekick that is always within reach. So for 2014 I’ve decided to do an iPhone only (mostly?) 365 project. Along with some of my wonderfully talented photographer friends (Michele, Carol, Leah, Janie, Minnette and Shona) we will be challenging ourselves to find the beautiful in the every day. Check out their IG feeds – you will be completely inspired!!

Are you doing a 365 project? Let me know, I’d love to check it out!

Oh! And if you want to keep up with my 365 come follow me on Instagram!