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It’s nothing new to say that pictures are important. They’re important to everyone. They are likely the most important physical thing to me in the entire world. That’s probably obvious. When I think about the pictures that are most important to me, they are family pictures, yes. But they are not the standard family portraits. They are pictures of my husband reading a book to our children. Or ones like these – memories of just a really great night spent together watching movies on a bed made of comforters and pillows on the floor. Or even just pictures of family dinner. These are the times that make up our life and these are the things I want to document.

I post a lot of pictures like this of my own family, especially through my One A Day project. One thing I hear over and over again when I post these pictures of my babies and their every day life is, “so, could you just come to my house and follow my kids around for a day and take pictures like that?!”

Yes! I can! I would love to take more pictures like this for my clients. More pictures of every day life. ‘A Day in the Life’ sessions.

What is most important to YOU right now? What is most special that you want to never forget?

Is it your sleepy babies first thing in the morning?

Is it the chaos that ensues after breakfast?

Is it your most important dinner time when everyone is at the table talking about their day?

Is it the way you all snuggle in for bedtime stories?

Heck, right now for us, it’s potty training our little guy. There’s so much more than just the picture of him sitting on the potty. He is turning a MAJOR corner in his life! For me, as a mom, I want to remember that.

If documenting your every day life is something you’d like to do, *please* get in touch with me. Let’s spend a day just taking the time to record these memories.

This is a time you’re never going to get back. Life is always going to be busy. You’re always going to be critical of the way you look. Things are always going to be “not quite perfect”. Take the time right now to remember. And I do travel. We are in central Illinois, but we are forever driving to one corner or another of this state, and halfway across the country for something it seems. You don’t have to be in central IL!

And that’s my PSA for the day ;).








iPhone 365 | week 32

Monday - Sometimes they just sit and talk to each other. She teaches him and he copies her. And that just makes my heart so full.

Tuesday - Vacation exhaustion

Wednesday – sandy hair

Thursday - No, I didn’t take this photo on 8.7.14…I believe it was the day before. Busted. But my babies spent the day with grandma so I didn’t see them and I really want this to be a part of my one a day project. He’s been carrying around his ‘nigh nigh’ just like his big sister lately. I secretly couldn’t love that more.

Friday - It’s been a big {exhausting} day around here…

Saturday - It’s all about the potty for now

Sunday - I know. I know. Evan is doing his own version of a ninja move, upside down and back words. I love it. Happy birthday Brady!!



iPhone 365 | week 31

Monday - What staying up until 2:30am at the drive-in and then a full day of back to school shopping the next day looks like

Tuesday - The post office is soooo cool

Wednesday - Filling water balloons – have you guys seen that thing that fills 100 balloons in under a minute?!? We absolutely need one of those.

Thursday - She could spend *hours* looking through the card aisles.

Friday - August 1. How can summer possibly be coming to an end already?? Even though fatigue is setting in (on my end), they are getting grumpier with each other, and we have almost checked everything off our summer list, I think they’ll miss these lazy afternoons hanging out with each other. PS – we had a crazy dark storm blow through this afternoon, hence the dark room:)

Saturday - Waiting for dinner with Papa Chuck

Sunday - Posting these a few days late. Over the weekend we finally got to take a little vacation. It was super short. It was super close to home (for our standards at least) and it was exactly what we needed. This summer is going down as one of our busiest yet and this little get away almost didn’t happen. But I am SO glad we made the time.



iPhone 365 | week 30

Monday - Who knew they could get so much entertainment out of a giant empty deck!

Tuesday - We had a little creative bath time tonight while prepping the deck for staining;)

Wednesday - I turned my back for one second and he’s figuring this out all by himself. He kept saying, “look mama! Jump! Jump!” Oh boy…

Thursday - He’s mostly always happy

Friday - Go play

Saturday - Look what I made:)

Sunday - Love this summer tradition ❤️



iPhone 365 | week 29

Monday - Washing the cars in the sink. Fun times.

Tuesday - Fearless. Heart attack. Sigh.

Wednesday - We were treated to an unexpected, last minute date day. And I got this guy to check out the Annie Leibovitz gallery downtown. Love him.

Thursday - We are getting our money’s worth out of this dance recital dress!

Friday - Life on the top bunk

Saturday - He couldn’t let this get too girly…had to throw a car in there