boys in the dirt | decatur IL lifestyle photographer

Boys. This session was all about boys.




So much dirt.

I can’t put into words how much I love that their mommy just let them go wild in the dirt. Clothes can be washed. Bodies can be bathed. Hair can be cleaned. But these boys will always remember that their mom let them play and just be boys. Love it.


iPhone 365 | week 36

Monday – lazy Labor Day

Tuesday - We go visit daddy for lunch, we get to play on the ridiculously enormous tractors

Wednesday - It still amazes me how quickly he’s caught on to everything about this thing

Thursday - His sister used to play on these stairs just like this. She’s much too big to do it now. I saw him laying like this and it caught my breath, before we know it he’ll be too big for the stairs. Sigh.

Friday - A steaming hot play date yesterday. I know we’ve been complaining about the cool temps all summer, and now that it’s actually summer weather we’re complaining that it’s too hot

Saturday - We painted aaaalllll day. Some day we’ll actually get this deck finished

Sunday - A much needed girls day with my little girl. 2 birthday parties and a whole lot of fall shopping. Or if my husband asks, just a tiny bit of shopping;)



iPhone 365 | week 35

Monday – playing super heroes (or super heedos if you’re 2:))

Tuesday – zhooooooommm

Wednesday – There’s some serious brainstorming going on here…

Thursday – He’s taking recess duty very seriously

Friday – 3pm. It’s been a rough first week of 1st grade:(

Saturday – I have no idea what they’re doing…

Sunday – Someone had a blast with the tube