iPhone 365 | week 35

Monday – playing super heroes (or super heedos if you’re 2:))

Tuesday – zhooooooommm

Wednesday – There’s some serious brainstorming going on here…

Thursday – He’s taking recess duty very seriously

Friday – 3pm. It’s been a rough first week of 1st grade:(

Saturday – I have no idea what they’re doing…

Sunday – Someone had a blast with the tube


iPhone 365 | week 34

Monday - They successfully avoided nap time by being adorable and playing peek-a-boo

Tuesday - A last bit of summer fun before school started

Wednesday - Being a princess

Thursday - First grader.
                     First grader.
First grader?!?!?!

Friday - We’ve been meaning to get here all summer

Saturday - Watching her daddy help build the new playground at her school. She is beyond excited to have been *the* first kid down the slide:)

Sunday - He finally warmed up to the water!


iPhone 365 | week 33

Monday - I have successfully brainwashed my kids. Shark Week.

Tuesday - He’s ornery as all get out, this one.

Wednesday - He’s got a problem…

Thursday - Painting leaves & feet

Saturday - I was sitting on the floor giving her brother a bath. She has no idea;)(moved this picture out of order for the layout – Virgo Stacy hates me for this…)

Friday – belly laughs

Sunday – Climbing up the slide



on the walls | peoria IL lifestyle photographer

This little on the walls post is just going to be a random sampling of some of the favorites I’ve collected over the past few months.

Yes, I (obviously) love family photos plastered all over my home.

Don’t get me wrong.

But lately I’ve been feeling like every inch of wall space is filled up with photos. I’m thinking I need to add some variety with non-photo art work. And I adore this one. I think it would be fantastic to get a meaningful quote, bible verse, song lyric, general character building statement, etc. blown up super huge and framed. As our baby big girl starts 1st grade this year, I am noticing myself stressing general character building ideas more and more.


I flippin’ love these frames from PB Teen. How fun would this be to have in a kids room with pictures of them + friends/family to look at every day!?


photo credit: www.pbteen.com

I’ve heard from a lot of people who have trouble figuring out a layout for a wall gallery when you want it somewhat symmetrical. Having a center or midpoint line and going from there is a great place to start!


And finally, this is just pretty. Also a great way to mix photos and non-photo artwork!

As always, I love seeing how you display photos/artwork in your own home! Leave a photo in the comments or on my facebook page!